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Drawstring Bags Johannesburg


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Drawstring Bags Johannesburg - This fantastic drawstring bag was designed to be used as a backpack or over the shoulder carry pack. It has a roomy main compartment with a cinched, drawstring neck and is perfect for everyday use. The incredible range of colours as well as the large branding area makes this drawstring the perfect bag to bear your logo!

Drawstring Bags Johannesburg Features: 

  • Drawstring
  • 12 Great colours
  • Size: 33cm x 44cm

Drawstring Bags Johanneburg Branding

  • Screen printing on the front:
  • Up to a 6 colour print.
  • 21cm x 27cm Branding Area

Quantity per carton : 200
Carton dimensions (cm) : 51 x 37 x 18
Carton weight (kg) : 6.2
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Drawstring Bags Johannesburg are a really cool and multipurpose product. A drawstring bag can be used for things like carrying lunch to and from work or for carrying your gym clothes. It’s a lightweight, easy to carry bag that is the perfect way to take a lightweight load with you anywhere. A drawstring bag is compact. It’s a beautiful way to showcase your brand.

Drawstring bags are really portable and because they’re really light, they can easily be taken to most places.

A drawstring bag is a great way to take a light snack with you when you go hiking. Because of the fabric of the bag, it doesn’t add any extra weight the way a backpack would, and it can be worn in the same style as a backpack would. A drawstring bag is also incredibly popular bag used to take lunch to work, used by both adults and children.

Because it’s light and fun, it makes a great bag for children to take to school. It’s also easy to open so that even young children will be able to use this bag. Which is a great bonus for places like preschools and younger grades at primary schools with children who may not necessarily have developed the fine motor skills or physical strength necessary to open buckles – which could lead to much frustration. Instead a drawstring is a simple, effective closure that allows even young children to open their own bags, giving them a sense of independence and self-reliance that can be so important at that age.

When you look around on public transport, like trains or buses, there are drawstring bags everywhere. They’re the best friend of anyone who has to commute to work via public transport. Taking public transport somewhere generally involves at least a little walking, and when you don’t have a car to carry it for you, you really start to think about the weight of the bag that you’re carrying. Even if there’s not much in it, the bag itself may be weighing you down over those last few hundred metres in to work. That’s where the drawstring comes in. It’s easy to carry and doesn’t weigh you down. It’s the perfect bag for a wallet, a bunch of keys and some lunch, making it a quick and easy way to carry what you need to.

A drawstring bag is also the perfect accompaniment to the gym. It’s an easy way to stash your gym clothes and towel so that you can work your body and not have to root around in a gym bag large enough to ride around in. While gym bags are useful, especially if you need to carry a lot around in them, if you’re a casual gym user who just wants to get their cardio in, it can be a lot of effort to shove a full sized gym bag into the lockers provided. A drawstring brand is just the right size.

Daily Drawstring Bag

Daily Drawstring Bag – one our most popular bags! It’s a beautiful drawstring bag that comes in a wide variety of colours and can be worn as a lightweight backpack as well as being able to be held in the hand.

Coming in twelve different colours, this bag really does have one of the largest ranges of colour that we stock. It’s a beautiful bag with many functions and is one of the most popular bags that we stock. It’s a really beautiful, functional branding solution and can be used as a promotional item or as a really nifty corporate employee gift. As a gift to your employees, this bag makes for a great way for them to bring their lunch to work, or as a way for their children to take their lunch to school. There are so many different applications for a good drawstring bag!

When you’re looking for a stunning drawstring bag that can be used for many different occasions and functions that comes in more colours than the rainbow, then an awesome choice is the Daily Drawstring Bag.

Non-woven drawstring bag

Non-Woven Drawstring Bag might sound like a bit of a misnomer, but it refers to the type of material that the drawstring bag is made out of. If we’re using the word material in a context that denotes the base substance of something rather than textiles. That’s not to say that non-woven fabrics aren’t textiles or fabrics. Felt is considered a nonwoven fabric and that’s pretty common. But just so that we’re all on the same page here, a nonwoven fabric is one that is made of long and short fibres that are fused together, usually through heat, pressure or some kind of chemical treatment. Often some combination of those three.

Traditional fabrics are woven together by spinning fibres together into thread and then weaving those threads together to create a sheet of fabric. The weave of woven fabric can make it quite flexible, as it has thousands of points to bend at. However, non-woven fabrics can be much more durable and are often used in the medical field for things such as doctor’s scrubs and face masks as well as wound dressings. They’re also used in geotextiles as a way to prevent erosion and flood damage, as the nonwoven fabric tends to be more durable than a woven bag would be.

So when you’re looking for something durable that’s also soft, it’s worth looking into a Non-Woven Drawstring Bag.

Branded Drawstring Bags

Branded Drawstring Bags are a great way to get your brand out there because of how popular they are. A branded drawstring bag that takes the train to work with its owner, put your brand on display in front of at least twenty people and that’s not including the people standing on the station in the morning rush.  Media is all around us at every side, so a branded drawstring bag is a great way to get your brand out there.

Branded products can also be a great point of personal pride for some people. It’s especially fun to use your branded product for what the brand is known for. Just as an example, if Virgin Active gives you a branded drawstring bag then it’s going to be pretty cool to put your gym clothes in there when you go to a Virgin Active gym. There’s just something about it that gives you a sense importance. You have the bag that matches the place that you are. A lot of value can be placed in Branded Drawstring Bags.

Promotional Drawstring Bags

Promotional Drawstring Bags are a great way to increase your consumer base as well as having fun at the same time. A branded bag is an awesome promotional item! And a drawstring bag doubly so because it is also a very cost effective promotional item that comes in a wide variety of different colours and has many different uses.

A promotional product is a great way to encourage consumer loyalty and to make your clients feel like they as individuals matter to you as a company. In fact studies have shown that people who receive promotional gifts from companies are six times more likely to feel valued by that company than clients who were only ever exposed to media about that company are. Everyone wants to know that they are special and valued and it can really make someone’s day to know that.

So a promotional drawstring bag is a really fun, pragmatic promotional item and a great way to let someone know that they are special and important and that they are valued by your company. Who knew that you can make someone’s day with Promotional Drawstring Bags?

Drawstring bag with zip pocket

Drawstring Bag with Zip Pocket - One up on the lovely draw string bag would be a drawstring bag with a pocket! An extra compartment to keep your things separate and safe while you go about your day! A pocket is an awesome way to keep things that you need to have within easy reach. This can be your keys, your train ticket, or to fall back on that gym example again, your gym membership or an energy bar to keep you going after burning off all those calories. And don’t forget to drink your water! Drinking water while you exercise helps you to burn more energy because you’re maintaining your water level and keeping your energy while you’re doing it! Hydration is very important and keeping your water bottle in a draw string bag can be a great way to do that.

Having a pocket in your drawstring bag not only gives you an extra little bit of separation and security, it also adds an element of interest to the design of the bag, making it a beautiful way to accent a bag. In the world of design, a zip is not just a practical closure but also a design element that can add a new element of appeal to a garment or product.  So a bag is not just practical but also beautiful when it’s a Drawstring Bag with Zip Pocket.

Reflective drawstring bag

Reflective Drawstring Bag – another place that it’s fairly common to see a drawstring bag used as someone’s every day work lunch bag is on a construction site. On a construction site, a lot of the labourers don’t have to bring anything to work except themselves and a work shirt. Their uniforms and tools are provided by the companies that they work for. This means that they don’t need to bring anything heavy with them, just themselves and their lunch. A drawstring bag makes this an easy and light task to achieve.

A reflective draw string bag is great for a construction site because on top of being a lightweight and easy way to bring their things in, a bag with a reflective, high visibility strip is a great way to keep seen and safe on a building site, which are very, very important places to be as visible as possible.

A high visibility drawstring is also a good thing to have on the road, as a cyclist or as a motor bike rider. Many accidents involving cyclists and bikers happen due to poor visibility and having a high visibility bag is a helpful way to draw attention to yourself on the road, especially at night. Be practical and safe with a Reflective Drawstring Bag.

Cotton Drawstring bag

Cotton Drawstring Bag – a great, natural solution to the drawstring bag. Cotton is a beautiful fabric to work with as it’s highly absorbent and takes very well to dyeing and printing. Cotton is also a natural fibre and creates a biodegradable fabric, meaning that this is a beautiful and eco friendly branding option.

A cotton drawstring is also a wonderful, durable way to show how green-minded your company is. A branded cotton drawstring bag is an awesome way to show not only your brand but also your company ethos. When you have a strong company ethic that follows through to every part of your company, it shows how seriously you take your values and that you don’t just pay lip service to your code. That is why we offer you options like a cotton Drawstring Bag, so that you can have the products that you need to honour your company ethics in every part of your business.

Drawstring bags Johannesburg

Drawstring Bags Johannesburg are a wonderful way to promote your brand and help your local community. They’re an awesome, cost effective branding solution that is used by people the world over and are a fantastic way to expose your brand to different kinds of people. Our drawstring bags are super popular and are a great way to advertise your brand.

With so many different uses, colours and even materials, it’s easy to see why the drawstring is such a popular branded product. We are suppliers of drawstring bags both branded and unbranded and we can deliver all across South Africa, including Johannesburg and its surrounds, like Sandton and Randburg. We are proud suppliers of Drawstring Bags Johannesburg.


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