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Altitude Eco-Cotton Drawstring Bag in Natural Code IDEA-1152


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Eco-Cotton Drawstring Bag Details:

  • Natural cotton fabric
  • Drawstring bag
  • 120 gsm
  • Product dimension: 35 cm (W) x 41 cm (H)

Natural cotton drawstring bags are taking over, fast! Get yours today an be a part of a greener revolution! The Eco-Cotton Drawstring Bag is made from natural cotton fabric which makes it super soft and smooth to the touch! Easy to carry, only weighing 120 gsm and the essential travel buddy for quick trips with its pull closure and compact size! Take on every kind of adventure and explore the world! A great canvas for branding your logo and keeping it visible on a stylish and environmentally friendly product! Makes the perfect bag for a promotional event or expo! 

Bag: 6 colour print
27cm (h) x 20cm (w)

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Natural Cotton Drawstring Bag - au natural all the way! 

Be one with nature and sling the Eco-Cotton Drawstring Bag with no worries! It's smart and simple design offers a blank canvas for your logo or brand! Align yourself with a bag that makes a difference! With its compact size and comfortable drawstrings, it's the perfect travel buddy for any adventure! 

Cotton Drawstring Bag

Cotton drawstring bags make for a nifty companion! Soft and stylish, you'll have everyone jealous! Cotton is sourced from a fluffy fibre which is manufactured into a smooth and breathable material. The cotton plant originates from tropical climates, in countries like Africa, America and India. 

Cotton is a smarter and better choice of fabric to produce and manufacture products from. The production of a cotton bag has less of a negative impact on the environment and reduces your carbon footprint. Align your company, organisation, business or brand with a greener mentality and care for the earth. 

Cotton bags:

  • Produce less impact on the environment
  • Can be reused many times over
  • strong and durable 
  • Are great to 

Eco-Friendly Bags

Be a green warrior and join the green revolution! Partnering your brand, company, organisation or business with eco-friendly products makes for a magical bond! Let your clients, customers and the world know you care for a more environmentally friendly, eco-conscious and sustainable living! Think forward and help the future be great with your brand and the earth! Make minds aware of greener thinking and of your fantastic brand! Connecting your brand or company to environmentally friendly items will ensure a great relationship of growth, respect and loyalty. Reap the rewards of nature and make your mark by going eco-friendly with your brand's promotional and corporate products!

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags make great products for:

A bag is always in need for any occasion! Stand out and smile proud with a drawstring bag. It's the perfect fit for filling up with other promotional goodies and gadgets! 

Promotional Cotton Bags

Need a bag to store all your promotional items in? Double surprise any client, employee or customer with a super cool promotional cotton bag and all the promotional goodies to jam pack in! View our promotional and corporate gifts, to make smiles and magic happen!

Cotton bags are a super cool way to giveaway as a promotional item, made from natural fibres and soft cotton material, you'll win over any client! Let all eyes be on your brand and bag, business will come flying in! 

Branded Drawstring Bags

Branding a bag is a major marketing tool that does wonders for your brand and lives a lasting impression! Branded drawstring bags will make any conference, event or function pop! 

We offer branding of your logo on a drawstring or any other promotional bag. You can choose from a selection of styles, colours and fabrics in our bags catalogue

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