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Expo Shopper Johannesburg - This amazing bag is the perfect promotional item. Everyone needs a bag, especially at an expo! So why not make the Expo Bag your own with your branding. The handles are cross and box stitched for extra security. The fabric is non-woven and the handle is made of the same fabric as the rest of the bag. It comes in an amazing array of colours, such as; black, pink, yellow, orange, white, red, blue, purple, aqua, navy, lime green and khaki.

 Branded Shopping Bag Features:

  • 42cm x 38cm
  • Nonwoven fabric
  • 80gsm
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • 12 Awesome colours

Branding on this Expo Shopper

  • Up to a 2 colour print
  • 27cm x 21cm Branding Area
  • Screen Print

Quantity per carton : 200
Carton dimensions (cm) : 42 x 39 x 38
Carton weight (kg) : 7.5
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Please note we are a bulk supplier, our min total order value is R2500 exc vat

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Expo Shopper Johannesburg

A shopper bag is a really awesome way to add extra value and pizazz to your event. When you’re organising an event, and there are lots of different kinds of events that this can be applied to, one of the things to think about is gift bags. Another thing to think about is how your guests are going to carry their goods around all day, or too and from the event. This applies to every event from weddings to expos and conferences.

 A shopping bag like this one is easily branded, it looks good and it comes in a range of colours. That makes it the ideal bag for many, many different events and applications.  A shopping bag is a bag that’s designed to be able to carry things, so whether your guests are at an expo and are weighed down with merchandise that they’ve brought from you or the companies that you are hosting.

Gift bags are also a really great way to use these bags. They’re easy to carry and they look fantastic when they’re branded! Also if you’re putting larger items like magazines and the like into these bags, they will fit without spilling out over the top and ruining the wonderful surprise of opening the goodie bag for your guests.

This bag is a cost effective branding solution. More than that, it’s a cost effective product in general. It’s a super great option that looks really fantastic when it’s branded.

Eco Friendly Shopper

It’s also reusable, making it a much more environmentally friendly option than a plastic bag. This shopper bag can be used over and over again to hold your goods for the expo or conference. And it can be used again afterwards! To get that many uses out of one product is really amazing use of resources. Giving someone a gift that they can reuse is a really fantastic way to have a more positive effect on the environment.

Looping back around to the gift bag solution, a gift bag like this, one that can be reused, is really eco friendly packaging. The less packaging a product has, the better it is for the environment.

Having an environmentally friendly solution to standard packaging is a really great thing to do in South Africa. We live in a country with a lot of natural beauty, and a shopper is a really fantastic way to help contribute to saving the environment. From the fragile Cape Floral Kingdom all the way up to the Kruger Park, just a hop skip and a jump from Johannesburg. So many of our different cities are situated so close to some of our greatest natural treasures. Using a bag that has a lesser effect on the environment, that won’t go straight into the ocean, is a really great way to help the planet!

On top of being reusable, these amazing bags are recyclable! So that you can have your environmentally friendly cake and eat it too! These bags are a great way to show your support for the environment.

Shopper bags are the perfect promotional item for an expo or a conference. Anywhere where there’s going to be freebies, a shopper bag is a great thing to have. It also encourages people to spend more money. They already have a bag, they might as well put more merch in there!

Buy Bags Online South Africa

But how does one go about getting all those bags? A conference or an expo need a lot of bags to make sure that they have one for all their guests. Where can you buy a cool couple thousand shopping bags? Where can you get them branded?

Look up.

No, no that far up, but up a little ways to the top of your computer screen. You see that icon that says  Brand Innovation? That is exactly where you’re going to be able to get several thousand shopper bags, and get them branded!  We’re a bulk supplier. We sell items in bulk so that you can get the most product for the best price!

And we’ve stepped up our convenience game. This site allows you to view our pricing online. It also allows you to place your bulk order for your beautiful products from the comfort of your office chair, and with a cup of coffee in hand.

This bag is one of our top sellers! It makes for a super stunning product with many, many different uses! Our web store is a really great way to place your order from anywhere in South Africa. From Pretoria to Plet and from Sandton to Centurion, you can order from anywhere where there’s Wi-Fi!

Shopping Bags Wholesale South Africa

Why Bulk? Why not bulk? Buying and selling these shopping bags in bulk allows us to offer you the very best pricing around. That way we make sure that you are getting the most for your money. That way your company saves a little extra.

Giving people the best possible service and the best possible products are some of the things that we at Brand Innovation pride ourselves on. We want your company to grow, because growing local industry is how we advance as a country. We’re proud of we’re were from, and we want it to be better because we’re here.

So that’s why we’re offering these shopping bags in bulk. They’re made from nonwoven fabric and are recyclable as well as reusable. That means that you can order more of them guilt free! There’s no need to worry about spreading plastic across the face of South Africa when you have these really beautiful bags at your disposal.

Shopping Bags South Africa

Shopping bags are something that most people use every day. Many households have a plastic bag that they then stuff with other plastic bags for when they’re needed again. Some just throw them away. You can help to create a better future for South Africa by having a promotional bag like the Expo Shopper Johannesburg.


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