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Flat Peak Caps


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Flat Peak Caps are a great look to be sporting, and a very sporting look to have! Our Crosswind peak cap is made of awesome grey melange fabric that is super popular at the moment and it looks fantastic with branding!This cap is a really great way to get a fresh take on your standard promotional Baseball cap, and it looks amazing along with it.  Your company can show of their street cred by branding this utterly stunning Peak Cap

Peak Cap Features:

  • 6 panel fitted cap
  • 3 Cool colours
  • 6 rows of stitching on the visor
  • 6 embroidered eyelets
  • self-fabric adjustable Velcro strap
  • 100% polyester acrylic 290gsm

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Flat Peak Caps

This awesome peaked cap is a fresh take on the traditional, making it a really beautiful, cutting edge product for you to put your brand on. Cutting edge literally, because the brim of this cap is flat as a pancake. A beautiful, stylish, head pancake. Don’t let the food analogies fool you though. This cap may look yummy, but it is made of 100% Polyester acrylic and it is in no way edible. Don’t try this at home, folks.

It is however a really stunning corporate gift, or a part of a corporate uniform! A cap is a really awesome way to accessorise your uniform while still being practical. A peaked cap is a really great for drivers who need to keep the sun out of their eyes while they’re on the go. On those autumn and spring days when it’s not quite chilly enough for a beanie, a cap like this can keep your head warm and your face out of the sun all in one go!

The sun is the enemy of many South Africans; seeing as how we live about half a kilometre from it in the summer. We have the second highest rate of skin cancer in the world. The first being Australia, where by all accounts you can toast marshmallows on the solar rays and the ‘barbies’ light themselves.  A cap like this is a really great way to look cool while keeping cool at the same time

Corporate Uniform Cap

Having a Cap as a part of your corporate uniform is a really great way to protect your employees while keeping them cool and shaded. Many employees, particularly drivers, would have worn a peaked cap anyway. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t look fabulous at the same time and have a cap as a part of their uniforms!

Promotional Cap

When you’re giving out promotional gifts, a cap is a really great one, particularly in South Africa and particularly at outdoor events. Being a sports fan in South Africa can lead to some interesting tan lines. A cap can help to keep those to a minimums well as keeping the sun off your face. Faces have very sensitive skin, which is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your body. This means that it takes a lot less exposure to UV rays to damage it. Sun damage is a very common thing and can be very dangerous. Wearing a hat as well as sunscreen will help to prevent that.

By giving promotional caps at events, you’re taking care of people and helping to reduce the instance of skin cancer in this beloved country of ours. Even a little thing like a cap can make a huge amount of difference to someone, making yours the company that cares and the company that protects you.

Grey Cap

Grey Melange is all the rage right now. Very vogue. This cap is ahead of the curve in that it has that beautiful mottled grey colouring, which it calls Grey Heather. This awesome cape comes in three different colours, two of which are new. After the success of their stunning grey coloured cap, they’ve introduced Black and Navy as well. It looks gorgeous, a fresh, stylish twist on the standard peaked cap that looks absolutely marvellous.

We have a lot of other Grey melange items that would go wonderfully with this beautiful cap if that’s the colour scheme that you’re interested in, including a full range of bags that extends from duffel bag to cooler bag, backpacks and ear buds. That way you have the full set to complement your stunning peaked snapback cap!

To brand this cap, we embroider it, which is the art of stitching a design into a piece of fabric. This makes for a really stunning brand! It looks amazing and it is a really fantastic way to make your brand pop! It looks stunning and is calculated for the amount of stitches used in the design. It’s a really great way to create a beautiful, high end looking garment that will make your brand look like the royalty that it is.

Straight Peak Cap

Let’s set the record as straight as the peak of this awesome cap – we want to make you happy. We have our range of stunning products online for your convenience, so that you can contact us via email and place your order just like that. We want this to be the best branding experience you’ve ever had. Which is why these products are for sale online. That way you can access them wherever you are, whenever. Is that stunning melange cap keeping you up at night? Do you just have to get another peak before you go to sleep? How much does it cost? There’s the cap, right here on the site, with the price just beneath it. Quick and convenient for you!

We’re also a bulk supplier, so that you can get as many of these awesome caps as your heart desires. Being able to order them in bulk keeps the price down for you as well as makes it easier for you to get your branding. It’s easier to do them all at once than to do them one at a time.

Snapback Cap

A snapback refers to how the cap closes. These have a Velcro strap made from the same fabric as the rest of the hat, so that you can adjust it to fit perfectly to your head, making this cap a beautiful, one-size uniform item that looks great and has a beautiful finish to it.

From Johannesburg to Pretoria, to Gauteng, to the whole of South Africa, we have a mighty need for caps that will look great and protect us from the sun. The Crosswind peak is a perfect way to do that. Looking great is an important part of a corporate uniform, and this cap has that in spades! It looks awesome, it brands beautifully and it has three stunning colours to choose from in these Flat Peak Caps.

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