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Aprons Johannesburg - Serve it up in style with these promo bib aprons, branded with your company logo. These aprons are manufactured in South Africa and feature a front pocket design. This is a unisex apron and it is one size fits all.

Features of these Promo Aprons:

  • 200gsm
  • 80/20 polycotton twill
  • Dimension: 86cm (h) x 70cm (w)
  • Unisex: One size fits most.
  • Back ties
  • Front pocket
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Aprons for Sale in South Africa – Aprons are a wonderful way to express your brand identity while still keeping your staff uniforms or street clothes clean. An apron is one of the things that many people are introduced to at a very young age. When you first go to school, or even preschool, one of the items that every parent scrambles to get is an apron. Somehow paint ends up getting on that cute little outfit anyway, but that mess is part of being a child.

Aprons are a great way to keep yourself clean when you’re working with messy substances like food or paint. Bibs are aprons for your baby, so that they don’t spill butternut puree on their romper. There are aprons for your children so that they clean. Aprons for art classes and cooking. Aprons are a garment that you use throughout your life.

And then there are work aprons. Aprons that represent your company, that identify you as employee of that company, and also that denote your position within that company. An apron can be a very powerful way of identifying someone, as well as representing the company’s image.

And for businesses we have a beautiful selection of Aprons available all over South Africa, online! Our web store delivers all over the country, including Johannesburg.

Butchers Aprons

Butchers Aprons, Bakers Aprons, Candle Stick Maker Aprons. Well, maybe not so much the last one but we can certainly offer you a gorgeous bib apron branded specifically for your candle stick making company if that’s what you’re looking for.

We have butchers aprons available in their beautiful blue and white stripe, made from a thick, 210gsm poly cotton twill. Twill means how the fabric is woven. Twilling creates diagonal ribbing in the fabric, which makes it very durable. This makes it an ideal fabric for an apron that sees such heavy use. When you’re thinking of an example of aprons keeping people clean, a butcher’s apron is a good one. Working with meet can be a messy exercise and an apron is a great way to make sure that that mess isn’t going to get onto get on your clothes. It also looks lovely with those stylish stripes!

Chefworks Aprons

Chefworks is a brand of hospitality wear that caters to those in the kitchen. They manufacture uniforms and aprons and are a great way to keep your clean and tidy in when the dinner rush is on! The brand is known for their high quality and beautiful looking chef and kitchen staff uniforms. There is also a range of water wicking aprons and uniforms, so that when the kitchen turns up the heat, you stay cool under pressure with Chefworks.

Chefs Aprons

Chefs Aprons are traditionally a double breasted white shirt with sleeves that don’t reach the wrist. There are several purposes for this. White is a colour traditionally worn in the kitchen but especially by head chefs, who tend to be the most visible in the kitchen. The pristine white uniform is an indicator of the level of cleanliness in the kitchen.

There are other colours of apron though. If you’re looking for something with a little more pop, we also have options in red and green, as well as the standard black and white.

The traditional white shirt is often paired with black and white hounds tooth pattern pants. We have black and white chequered pants, black chalk stripe pants and regular black chef pants. Chefs uniforms are usually made fairly loosely fitting for maximum comfort while working long hours in a hot kitchen as well as to allow freedom of movement while they moving from station to station. A kitchen, especially one that supplies to a restaurant or hotel, is a busy place to be. Being able to move around and prepare food as quickly and efficiently as possible is something that many kitchens value and a proper uniform makes for a great way to keep that ease of movement. It’s easy to do this with Chefs Aprons.

Bar Aprons

Bar Aprons is one of those really nifty uniform items. Working in a bar is the kind of work environment that tends to lend itself to spills, so it’s always useful to have a cloth for spills tucked away in your pocket to take care of those. Being a bartender means taking cash, being prepared and always having a smile and a glass of something ready. Aside from a flair for showmanship, a great tool to help you with your job as a bartender is a bar apron. It’s short so it doesn’t restrict your movement, it comes in black and white and is made of 200gsm poly cotton with reinforced stress points so that you can go about your day stress free. These are top notch and high quality and we can brand them beautifully so that you can rock your brand while you work!

Short Aprons

Short Aprons are really great because they allow your staff an ease of movement that allows them to do their jobs to the best of their ability – and without tripping over their own aprons. Bar Aprons fall under the short apron category, because they only come down to about mid-thigh. They’re not bulky, but they still allow you to move freely and they have a pocket so that you can get things done quickly and easily. When you’ve got a booming business and the lunch rush is on, a short apron is perfect for the Barista on the move!

Branded Aprons

Branded Aprons are an awesome way to let your customers know exactly where they are, and it’s an awesome part of a corporate uniform. Having your aprons branded gives an extra personal touch to your uniforms. It looks stunning, and we have a couple of different options available to you so that you can have the best possible uniform around! And we have different options available to you, so that you can get your perfect Branded Aprons.

Embroidered Aprons

Embroidered Aprons look beautiful. Embroidery is a classic method of decorating cloth that’s done by stitching the design with a needle and thread. We use embroidery machines that we program with your design, so that you have the neatest and most uniform finish on all your aprons, and it doesn’t take months the way that it would if stitched by hand. Embroidery gives a high quality finish to a garment, and we can stitch your design in up to nine colours.

The cost of embroidery is worked out based on how much thread is used in the creation of the design, which is called per stitch. That means that the number of colours that you want in you design won’t affect the price of your Embroidered Aprons.

Printed Aprons

Printed Aprons is another branding method that we have for you. In fact, we can do more than one kind of printing, so that you can get the best result depending on your brand. First of all, we have screen printing.

Screen printing is a method of printing that’s don’t by taking a mesh screen stencil of your brand and pushing ink through it onto the fabric of the apron. This method works really well for large, bold logos. Because of the nature of a screen print, it can’t take gradient colours or very fine details, and each different colour requires a different set up fee. This means that the screen print works really well for one colour brands, though we can do screen printing in up to six colours.

Another method of printing that we can do is heat transfer printing. Heat transfer printing involves a digital print onto a special transfer vinyl, which is then placed onto the apron and bonded there with heat, so that the vinyl melts into the fibres of the apron, so the brand is bonded permanently to the fabric.

Because heat transfer printing is a digital print, it means that this method can give you very fine detail as well as a full colour print on your apron. So the branding method would depend entirely on you and your brand and how you want your aprons to look, but we do have many options available to you for Printed Aprons.

Promotional Aprons

Promotional Aprons are a great way to get your brand out there and intrigue a related audience while still performing its function.

Just as an example, a promotional apron is a great way to advertise the product that you are displaying when you’re cooking samples in public. Is it that super tasty boerewors or is it the beautiful cast iron pan? Who knows? You do, now that you’ve seen the logo of that great butchery up the street on the charming you man’s apron.

A promotional apron is a really awesome way to bring attention to your brand. An apron is often a very large garment, so it stands out in a crowd and that makes it an ideal branding product. A beautiful branded apron makes for an amazing promotional item. It’s something that’s widely used and people are often proud to display their favourite brands, especially when they are working with something relating to that brand. So if you give someone an apron that features a well-known steak houses, then chances are that they are going to be pleased as punch to wear that while working the grill.

Aprons for Sale in South Africa

Where to buy Aprons in South Africa? Right here with us. Brand Innovation has a beautiful selection of aprons suitable for many professions and occasions. An apron is a wonderful, multipurpose tool for so many industries. We are a apron manufacturer in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

There are many things to take into consideration when picking a uniform apron. The colour, the style, the look that’s best going to flatter your branding and what allows you employees the most comfort when they’re working. This is why we offer you such a range to choose from, so that you can have your pick of Aprons for Sale in South Africa.

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