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Moleskine Journal - This is a brand that has a prestigious history with big-name users like Vincent van Gogh and Earnest Hemmingway. What better way to give your brand the edge in the creative market than by adding your brand to this distinguished product? With covers coming in a range of colours from the traditional black to more exotic options like red, yellow, magenta, white, violet, navy and green  By branding such a prestigious reputation you aligning yourself with a history of culture, creativity and excellence.

Notebook Features:

  • Acid free paper
  • 240 Lined pages
  • Hardcover with elastic closure
  • 8 different cover colours

Moleskine Journal Branding:

  •  Branding on the Notebook cover:
    • Up to a 6 colour screen print
    • Up to a 4 colour pad print
    • Foiling
    • Debossing
    • 17cm x 9cm Branding area
  • Inside front & back page: 
    • Up to a 4 colour pad print
    • 4cm x 6cm Branding area
  • Wrap around paper band:
    • Single sided digital print
    • 5.5cm x 48cm Branding area
  • Card insert:
    • Double sided

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Moleskine Supplier Johannesburg– Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Moleskine products in South Africa

Moleskine as a brand has fairly humble roots as a small shop in France which produced beautiful quality, hand crafted books that were highly sought after by artists and authors alike. Once the maker passed and there were no more books and author who had favoured the books sought them out. But the remaining Moleskines were not enough, he needed more.

And so production of the Moleskine books started up once more, this time they were actually called Moleskines, a nickname that was given to them by author Bruce Chatwin, who used them to take notes.

Throughout history, Moleskines have been used by famous artists and authors to create beautiful artworks and take down notes and phrase. From Pablo Picasso, one of the founding fathers of the cubist movement and arguably one of the most well-known artists in the world, to Vincent van Gogh, the impressionist painter whose work is instantly recognisable for his use of colour and the motion of his brush strokes, Moleskines have been used by some incredibly influential artists in history. Even Earnest Hemmingway, that classic author used Moleskine notebooks.

For over a century a little French bookbinder supplied stationery shops in Paris with these simple, round edged rectangles of paper that were so popular with the artists and creatives who flocked to the city of lights. It makes for a pretty impressive tale, but as the years went on that little book binder sadly went out of business and though Bruce Chatwin searched high and low, he could find no more of his beloved Moleskines.

Then in 1997 a publisher in Milan revived the notebook, giving it the name that Chatwin had used so fondly in his work The Songlines, the story about a little book binder in France, a family owned store that went out of business. Since then, the Moleskine has become a constant travelling companion to the creative of mind and free of heart, storing memories, images, dreams and snatches of song just the way it used to do.

It’s this history that comes with the Moleskine as well as the quality of the cream paper that is thread bound inside it’s plush over that makes the Moleskine such a beautiful gift. Be it a beautiful journal meant for taking notes, one of their lovely pocket notebooks or one of their gorgeous sketch books, with papers that come in weights for markers and watercolours, the Moleskine is a truly impressive corporate gift.

Moleskines make absolutely fabulous gifts. And if you’re looking to make them even more impressive, we can brand them for you!

Every Moleskine book is hand checked and comes with a little leaflet inside of it that explains the history of the product, from its deep historical roots to the present day. There’s also a little sticker that comes inside the back pocket – useful for storing loose notes that you may have – so that you know for sure that your Moleskine has been checked and found up to the standard set by this prestigious international company.

A stunning, high quality branded notebook with your brand on it really is a stunning gift, and we can have your brand embossed, screen printed, or even foiled onto the cover of the book. All of these are beautiful options that range from subtle to opulent and will really give your books the edge.

High End Corporate Gifts

High End Corporate Gifts are a great way to cement a relationship or offer token of good will to a future business partner. It may even be a way to thank a client for all the business that they have given you over the course of the year.

Moleskine’s guarantee of quality is what makes them so wonderful. The feel of the smooth grain beneath your fingers is any paper aficionado’s dream. The cream coloured pages of a Moleskine book are very distinctive, and no matter what the purpose, Moleskine has a book for it. From grid printed paper to lines to blank, they have it all and in a range of fun coloured covers.

The classic is black, of course, but Moleskine also produces books in red, green, yellow, purple, bright magenta and white. They have a whole selection of different colours and styles available so that you can truly represent your brand.

When you give a high end gift, you want it to make an impression. With Brand Innovation, you can have a stunning, high quality product beautifully branded. It gives it that extra, personal touch so that the person you are gifting knows exactly who their wonderful present is from.

Practical Corporate Gifts

Practical Corporate Gifts – another factor that can be taken into account when giving someone a corporate gift, particularly a high end one, is what they like. What their company stands for and what they like to do. The thought that goes into picking out that perfect gift can sometimes mean as much as the gift itself.

Something that most people in business use on a daily basis is some kind of diary or notebook. Moleskine does a beautiful range of diaries and notebooks for all occasions, even specialised travel notebooks for those going abroad.

Because of the wide variety of products that they have, with books that range from extremely arty to mathematically inclined, there is a beautifully bound and leafed Moleskine notebook out there for everyone, making them a great gift for everyone. As a notebook is something that everyone uses, it’s also a great gift. The beauty of the notebook makes it a truly stunning gift, and something that is not only very practical, but the quality of it makes it the kind of product that is reached for time and time again.

This and the guarantee of quality of the product makes them a wonderfully practical corporate gift. Because they were designed to be used by artists and other creatives – who are not always the kindest people to their sketchbooks – the construction of Moleskine books, even their smallest models with their cardstock covers, can take an incredible amount of abuse. These really are a very pragmatic gifting solution.

Branding on Moleskines

Branding on Moleskines aligns your brand with their history of superior quality, creativity and innovative design. We have three different methods that we can use to put your brand front and centre on the glossy covers of these stunning notebooks, each with their own unique appeal. The Branding methods that we offer are as follows:

  • Printing
  • Embossing
  • Foiling

Printing on Moleskine Notebooks:

The printing method that we use is screen printing, to ensure that you get the best quality print on your beautiful notebooks. Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a screen stencil to permanently print the image onto your books. We can do this print in up to four colours, though a single colour print is the most cost effective method and is always very striking. This method works best with large, bold brands.

This is a beautiful, seamless way of applying your brand to the book and it looks fantastic.

Embossing on Moleskine Notebooks:

Embossing is the method of pressing your brand into the cover, making it a subtle, permanent brand. Embossing is a beautiful, elegant option that has the expensive look and feel that is worthy not only of an exclusive, executive gift but also of a Moleskine notebook.

Embossing is the kind of branding that makes you want to touch and feel, run your fingers across it and experience the brand in a whole new way. It’s also a beautiful way to do a very finely detailed brand clearly and distinctly.

Foiling on Moleskine Notebooks

Foiling is the royalty of branding, keeping the borderline between colour printing and embossing. The brand is still pressed into the cover, giving it that beautiful texture, but it also foiled as well, general in gold or silver. This makes the brand stand out beautifully and is exceptionally beautiful. You can get finely detailed designs to really pop out with foiling and this really is an executive branding method.

The shimmer of the foiled brand catching the light is the kind of stunning finish that makes it a truly impressive gift.

Moleskine Supplier Johannesburg

The legend of the Moleskine notebook is long and filled with incredible achievements, names and ideas. It’s the kind of gift, and the kind of product that makes you want to take a moment to savour it, to touch the pages and breathe in everything that went into making it. Every moment of history, every stitch, just for you and all your ideas. Because though the Moleskine is simple and sleek in its elegance, it has a power, an energy to it that has been the fuel of innovative minds for a long, long time.

Brand Innovation is delighted to be able to say that we are can brand these books for you and give your company and your gifts that prestige that comes with these products. We aim to delight you and we are delighted to be a supplier in the Johannesburg area and offer you the chance to put your brand on a Moleskine Journal. 

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