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Plasma Notebook


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Plasma Notebook - This lined journal is a top seller! The brightly coloured covers and matching pens make them eye-catching items and the fact that it’s an 80 page spiral notebook that comes with a pen makes them desirable. They come in red, orange, lime, aqua, blue, purple, pink, black and white and have branding options for both the book cover as well as the pen, so that your brand will be the main focus.

This fantastic notebook is a beautiful way to get your brand out into the world. It has a wide range of beautiful colours for you to choose from, and comes with a matching pen attached to the book! That makes this awesome little notebook the perfect travel companion because you can keep it all together. It's also easy to whip out of your bag and start taking notes. There's a massive amount of potential in a notebook, from writing the next best selling novel to the lyrics of the next hit song. The calculations and theories of an invention that is going to revolutionise the way we see things can be written down in this notebook. Using this as a promotional item is a way to help your brand change the world. 

Corporate Notebook Features:

  • Spiral bound
  • 80 Lined pages 
  • Comes with a Plasma Pen (2345).
  • 9 Funky colours
  • Size: 14.5cm x 13cm.

Promotional Notebook Branding:

  • Branding on the Notebook:
    • Up to a 2 colour print           or
    • Full colour sticker                 or
    • Dome sticker full colour       
    • 12cm x 8cm Branding area
  • Branding on the Pen barrel:
    • 4 colour print.
    • 0.7cm x 6cm Branding area
  • Branding on the Pen clip:
    • 2 colour print.

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Plasma Notebook

5 Reasons to Choose this Fantastic Notebook!

  1. This awesome spiral bound notebook is pocket sized and comes with a pen attached, making it perfect for travel
  2. It's a super popular, cost effective branding solution that makes it great as a promotional item!
  3. The range of colours that it comes in is truly impressive! There's something for every brand in this range of books and matching pens. 
  4. The spiral bound cover makes it really easy to just flip over the pages and go through your your notes, so it's really great for jotting things down! 
  5. 80 lined pages, brightly coloured covers to make your brand the centre of attention and awesome pen to book, you just can't beat the Plasma Notebook!

Notebook and Pen Sets. This stellar notebook is one of our bestselling promotional products, and it’s easy to see why. This fantastic notebook and pen set is a really awesome way to get your company’s logo noticed. It’s perfect for so many different occasions that they get a list all of their very own.

  • Conferences
  • Promotions
  • Corporate Office Stationery

The Plasma is a fantastic notebook with an adorable, multi coloured cover that can have multiple different colours and different branding options.

The potential of a pen and notepad are vast. They look fantastic as a set particularly when they are branded together.

Pens and paper are the keys that open a gateway of creativity. With a pen and paper, you can go a long way. This nifty little book is A6 sized, absolutely perfect for promotional giveaways, for handbags and pockets. Having a notebook on you at all times is a wonderful way to nurture your creativity. Plan you novel, write a poem, write a song.

It’s also a great way to plan your day. Write your to do list, plan your evening, your grocery list. Work out equations and keep track of your spending. These awesome books have so much potential for both creativity as well as for everyday tasks.

A notebook is a tool for both creativity as well as for organisation. In fact, it can be used for both at once, it’s that versatile.

The inclusion of the pen in the book and the ring bound pages make this set an ideal option for the service industry. In order to take down an order in a restaurant, it’s often helpful to write it down and having everything all together makes life a lot easier. You can even get these branded with your company logo! Tailors might use them for taking down someone’s measurements. All of these things and a thousand more are possible for a notebook.

A notebook can do as much as you imagine is possible of it. It has the power to hold and contain endless creativity and as much innovation as you can cram into 80 lined pages. Which can be a lot!

This branded notebook is ideal for conferences. It’s the perfect promotional gift to pop into a conference bag so that you can take note while on the go. It’s got plenty of pages and it can be dedicated especially for that conference. It also comes with a matching pen so that you can take your notes in style.

Promotion wise, a notebook is the gift that keeps on giving over and over again. It’s something that you can look back on, it’s something that can be used for journaling or taking down notes during the day.

A promotional gift is an amazing marketing tool that can work really well in your favour. A promotional item makes a person six times more likely to feel like they’re important to a company. It makes them three times more likely to be loyal to that company. It also makes them twice as likely to actually go out and do something about their newfound loyalty as clients who only viewed media about your company.

A promotional notebook is an awesome way to extend your client base and get new people interested in your brand! With a notebook like this, your brand is within their reach constantly, and as people often refer to things by descriptors – the tall girl, the pink pen, - then it is quite likely that your brand will become a descriptor for that notebook and quite possibly a part of their everyday vocabulary.

Branded Notebooks

This notebook has a massive branding area, and a lot of different branding options for you to choose from, ranging from a single colour pad print all the way to a full colour vinyl or domed sticker. That way you can get the branding that works best for you and your company. Branding is an awesome way to put your company name on something and you can use a branded product for so many different occasions and functions that it’d make my head spin to list them all. But here are a few anyway!

  • Promotions
  • Conferences
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Library Events

We live in a time where literacy is considered a luxury, and while world literacy rates are increasing, it doesn’t take a lot to help someone one their way to having a better future. Being able to read and write is one of the key foundations of a notebook and pen. More than just being something that is required to use on, it can be a tool to help teach these skills.

Of course, you don’t have to be able to read or write to doodle in the margins, which is first of all a great way to develop fine motor function but is also a really great way to have a super cool doodle pad on you at all times.

It’s true of many people that their brains need more stimulation than one task requires to focus on a single task. This is why many people doodle when their on the phone. Far from distracting them, it helps them to retain the information that they are being given. It’s also why some people listen to music while they work. The music helps to provide another layer of stimulation to the activity so that they can better complete the task.

But back to phones and notebooks and pens. A notebook like this is a really stunning gift. I looks fantastic, it brands beautifully and with a very wide variety of different branding methods so that there’s something for everyone.

It also comes in these colours:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Aqua
  • Lime Green
  • White
  • Black

With these colours matched to your beautiful branding, these books can become a massively powerful weapon in your branding inventory. An easily accessible one, too. You don’t even have to leave your chair to place an order for these beautiful sets. Not unless you have a standing desk that is. For your convenience, we have made this awesome product available for sale on our Johannesburg website. The purpose of this web store is to cater to all the needs of those in Gauteng and the surrounding areas. And we deliver! So this website is for you if you’re from:

  • Pretoria
  • Midrand
  • Centurion
  • Sandton
  • Randburg
  • Boksburg
  • Gauteng
  • Literally anywhere in South Africa, just ask!

On top of being available online, we sell these notebook and pen sets in bulk. En masse! So you can have as many of these fantastic sets as your heart and/or your budget desires! We sell these in large quantities so that you can have the best price for your product.

A promotional product is a physical token from your brand, and one that they aren’t soon likely to forget. Nor would they, with your mark on it!

If you’re looking for a really amazing branded product that has everything that you’d ever need in a promotional product then look no further than the Plasma Notebook.



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