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Buy Sunglasses Online - Branded Sunglasses are a great way to promote your brand as well as encouraging people to have fun in the sun! But that’s not all they’re good for. The Jack Sunglasses are UV protected, so they’ll help to protect your eyes and the skin around them from sun damage. Sunglasses are also a great driving companion for summer days because they keep the glare out of your eyes, so they’re great to take on a road trip! Say there’s a convertible in the mix? What better way to keep the wind and hair out of your eyes than with this gorgeous pair of sunnies? The Jack Sunglasses are very popular, and with all that they can do coupled with how good they look, we can see why!

Branded Sunglasses Features:

  • 8 Colours
  • UV400
  • Plastic frames

Promotional Sunglasses Branding: 

  • Branding on the arms
    • 1cm x 4cm Branding area
    • Single colour Pad Printing
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Buy Sunglasses Online

Hey, ho Captian Jack! These awesome sunglasses look absolutely fabulous when they’re branded! Eyes are the windows to the soul, and with these stunning sunnies you can have branded shutters for your peepers!

Sunglasses are a fantastic promotional item. First of all because they look cool, and everyone wants to look cool. Secondly because they can be branded with your logo and come in a wide range of different colours. Branded sunglasses are a really awesome way to not only advertise your brand but also to show the people receiving them that you care about them.

South Africa is a very warm place in summer and we are well known for our beaches as well as the high incidence of skin cancer – second highest in the world. While a pair of sunglasses doesn’t cover the whole of your body, it can shield your eyes from the same harmful UV rays that would damage your skin. The skin around your eyes is particularly delicate and gets sun damage very quickly.

Your eyes are an incredibly sensitive part of your body, tiny filaments of muscle expanding and contracting at the slightest change in light. Eyes are easily damaged, and with these beautiful sunglasses you can keep a few more out of harm’s way. They have UV400 filters on them to protect you from UV rays so that you can keep on trucking without worrying about your eyes.

A pair on sunglasses does more than just protect your eyes though, they also protect your street cred.

There’s no denying it, sunglasses look cool. Sunglasses are a really awesome way to turn an outfit from bland to banging with only one accessory. They also tend to make you look like a celebrity ignoring the paparazzi, which can do wonders for a person’s confidence levels.

Promotional Sunglasses

Sunglasses make for a perfect promotional item. They’re cost effective and they look fantastic. These sunglasses come in eight different colours for you to choose from and they look fabulous! With these sunglasses you can create the perfect summer giveaway item or complementary promotional gift!

A promotional gift is an awesome way to catch someone’s interest in your brand and have them engage with it. It’s also a way to make people feel connected to your brand. Getting a present from a company has been proven to make your clients feel up to 6 times more valued by your company than a client who only ever engaged with your company’s media.

So using these sunglasses as a branded promotional item is a really great way to get noticed. It’s a way to show people you care, to look after your clients, to look awesome and to draw attention to your brand all with one awesome little product!

This works particularly well in summer time when South Africans cross mountains and plains to see the sea and bask in the waters of our miraculous coast line. From surfers to sun-tanners, a pair of sunglasses is a really fantastic thing to brand!

When you brand an item, you’re branding all the potential that it has. Sunglasses have the potential to protect, and to look really, really cool. Like the Batman of promotional products, you too can have the cool factor and protection of these sunglasses. They also protect you from the sun, because bats are nocturnal.

Sunglasses Johannesburg

Do you know what else is really awesome about these stunning sunglasses? And our company actually, but these sunglasses in particular?

They’re for sale online! Online shopping is one of the great benefits of modern technology. You can get your products online and delivered to you from wherever you are in South Africa. With online shopping, it’s quick and easy to find what you want where you want it, no walking around or getting hungry while you’re on the go. Shopping on an empty stomach is a dangerous experience.

Out products are available online for your convenience. With our web store you can buy and get your sunglasses delivered to wherever you are in South Africa. This website is Johannesburg focussed. We want to give Gauteng a taste of our stellar service and awesome products! Never fear if you’re not in the centre of Johannesburg, we deliver to Pretoria, Sandton, Randburg, Boksburg – wherever you need your products, that’s where you get them.

We’re also a bulk supplier.  And this is for a very specific purpose. We do bulk orders so that we can give you the best pricing. The more products that you order, the better we can make it. We want you to have amazing, high quality products at a great price so that your company can grow and prosper! The more that you grow, the better it is for us and our country.

Brand Innovation is a company that cares. We care about you, and about your company, and about this country.

Getting beautifully branded sunglasses in Johannesburg is easy with us! We want you to have the most amazing promotional item around!

Branding is a really great way to give your company the edge over your competition. So they’re giving out cupcakes? By this time tomorrow, most people will remember that they ate a cupcake but not who gave it to them. With a pair of sunglasses that they can wear over and over again, with your brand printed on them, then you have a promotional item that they won’t soon forget! In fact, they’ll think of you every time they slide on those awesome frames.

The Jack frames are a really lovely way to have an awesome and widely used promotional product! Sunglasses are in high demand in South Africa in summer. They’re great for the beach, for walking down the street in the sun, even for driving when the glare from other cars can make it hard to see. These beautiful glasses with their stylish frames make for a branded product that people will be remembering for a very long time.

You can get your company name out there with these awesome sunnies! We’ll even brand them for you when you Buy Sunglasses Online.

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