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Hospitality Clothing can make a huge impression on your client and makes a statement about the tone of your establishment. Whether you are a high end, five star hotel with an executive dining area or a small country guest lodge, all of our hospitality wear will be suitable for you.

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Serve it up in style at any event and ensure your logo stands out with this front bib apron. Its design features a front patch pocket and back ties. Locally manufactured.

R 89,98 Ex. VAT
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Double breasted with press studs. Thermometer sleeve pocket. Locally manufactured.

R 233,98 Ex. VAT
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Elasticated waistband with draw cord and stopper. Two side pockets. Single back pocket. Locally manufactured.

R 215,98 Ex. VAT
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Brand your logo or message and serve it up in style at any event with this promo waiters apron which has been manufactured from a heavyweight fabric perfect for all occasions. This half apron features a front patch pocket and herringbone tape ties. Locally manufactured.

R 71,98 Ex. VAT
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Double breasted with press studs. Thermometer sleeve pocket. Locally manufactured.

R 215,98 Ex. VAT
Total stock across range

Serve it up in style with this smooth natural Acacia board perfectly designed with versatile functions and ideal for serving up food at your next party or as a cheese platter served with crackers and wine. Its features include a natural solid Acacia wood with leather rope on handle
Do not leave in soaking water
Do not put in the dishwasher
Wipe the surface down with wet cloth and soap

R 237,98 Ex. VAT
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Hospitality Clothing South Africa

Hospitality Clothing makes its mark on the industry. It can give clients an indication of what kind of business that you run and it can give your staff a way to not only feel confident in themselves when they’re dressed to impress, but also a boost to spread that positivity to your clients. From janitorial staff to kitchen staff and all the way to front of house, we are thrilled to be able to offer you this stunning selection of Hospitality wear!

The way that we present ourselves says a lot about who we are an uniforms also mean a lot. A lot of thought and planning goes into choosing the perfect uniform for your business. You want something that represents you, that’s functional, that is going to make your staff look stunning.

For all that and service with a smile, Brand Innovation is a winner. We have a stunning range of hospitality clothing that will show off your business to its best advantage! From janitorial staff to chefs and front of house, we have uniforms to suit your needs.

Hospitality aprons are a big part of a lot of uniforms. From janitors to bartenders and waitrons, an apron is a great way to keep your uniform clean and tidy while you work. It can have the double feature of a pocket so that you can store things like a notepad and pen in there, making it much easier to jot down your order and then go pick one up to take out to the customer. This allows your staff to keep their hands free when they need them, while also keeping valuable information about what your customers want close to hand.

 An apron is the kind of garment that makes your life a whole lot more useful. From its pocket to the easy way that it protects the clothing underneath it, an apron is an incredibly useful item of hospitality clothing to include in your uniform.

An apron also comes as a part of our lovely Ladies 3 Piece Domestic Garment, which is a great way to keep your clothes totally clean when you’re going about work that might get a little messy. Janitorial work, or general maintenance of a building, can involve water, scrubbing, dusting, and all manner of different activities, which can all leave their mark on your clothes. A domestic garment is designed to have the most comfortable fit and allow for the most movement while you’re working. This set contains a one piece, button up dress, an apron and a bandana to keep any of the above mentioned substances out of your hair while you’re working.

Another great aspect of the hospitality apron and a great one to use if you’ve got a higher end establishment is the Tuxedo Apron, which is an apron that looks beautiful and professional on wait staff while also being practical. Our aprons look fantastic and we can brand them for you, so that you have a true representation of your brand as a part of your uniform and your Hospitality Clothing.

Chef Uniforms

Chef Uniforms are a great part of the hospitality industry. Like any uniforms, it denotes the profession of the person wearing it as well as performing a function. In this case allowing the chef to move around the kitchen. They’re comfortable, loose clothes made for being on your feet. But not so loose that they don’t allow that they dangle in the food while it’s being prepared. In fact, one of the main features of the chef uniform is that it has slightly shorter sleeves that leave the hands free so that a chef can go about their work without that worry even crossing their minds. It also makes it a lot easier for the chef to wash their hands when they need to. It’s said that the mark of a good chef is a messy apron and clean sleeves.

On top of having a wide variety of chef’s aprons to choose from in a selection of colours, we also have chef pants in their traditional black and white check.

A chef’s uniform can also indicate their status in the kitchen, with extra embellishments indicating their rank, and the hundred folds of a traditional Chef’s hat being an indicator of how many different ways that chef knows how to cook an egg.  

White is the colour usually worn by very visible head Chefs – Gorgon Ramsay, just as an example – as a statement to the cleanliness of the kitchen.

We also have a wide range of lounge shirts and t shirts to pair with these stunning aprons and uniforms, as well as pants. So when you’re looking for a beautiful, branded Hospitality uniform, we’re here for you with everything you need and more.

That, ‘more’ being our selection of trays, beer mugs, bottle openers and champagne coolers that we have available for your delectation. Hospitality is a business in which presentation can make a huge impact. This impact is not only on your clients, who will surely be wowed by how great your staff look, but also on your staff. Looking neat and putting on that winning service industry smile can really boost someone’s mood. A smile can make you and those around you feel good. And when you’re feeling goof you can perform to the best of your ability!

Hospitality Gifts Johannesburg

Hospitality Gifts Johannesburg are yet another service that we provide to the hospitality industry. There’s no need to jump from supplier to supplier when you can get them from one. We have a selection of hospitality gifts such as slippers, robes and sanitary kits. We have so many beautiful products to offer you and we are so excited to be able to place your order for Hospitality Gifts.

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