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Why travel gifts make great corporate gifts

It is often difficult to think of creative gifts that will make an impression. Brand Innovation’s selection of travel gifts will definitely make an impression. Our travel gifts are used daily, which makes them ideal. 

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Keep your smartphone in sight, with this universal phone car holder. Make hands-free calls, play your own library of music and even use your mobile as a GPS, all whilst having a safe driving experience. This mobile phone mount clamps easily and securely to any air vent in your car. Variable adjustments. Magnetic holder

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This is the perfect companion for those days when you get caught in bumper to bumper traffic and your phone is in the red zone. It is compact and it features a single USB input. Available in five different colours.

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This uniquely designed and trendy Hoody travel neck pillow is the ultimate travel accessory must have. The stylish hoodie offers you that feeling of complete privacy and relaxation and the adjustable drawstring pullers can be used to tighten the hoody covering your eyes so that you can block out your surroundings allowing you to sleep in comfort.

Features include a Polyurethane memory foam which enhances comfort and the curved design provides head and neck support. Drawstring Hoodie which can be pulled over your face. Plush zip-up removable cover that is machine washable and can be embroidered with your logo or design. The snap fastner ensures that the pillow is secure around your neck preventing it from falling off your shoulders and is also convenient for attaching to your luggage or backpack.
Cover: 92 Polyester Plush; 8% Spandex
Filling: 100% Polyurethane Memory Foam
Snap fastner

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This luxuriously upmarket travel neck pillow has been designed for those who enjoy traveling and comfortable sleeping. It has been made from a high-density memory foam which enhances comfort and the curved design provides head and neck support.

It features a plush zip-up removable cover that is machine washable and can be embroidered with your logo or design. The snap fastner ensures that the pillow is secure around your neck preventing it from falling off your shoulders and is also convenient for attaching to your luggage or backpack.
Filling: 100% Polyurethane Memory Foam
Plush cover: 90% Polyester; 10% Spandex
Snap fastner

R 149,58 Ex. VAT
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Brand Innovation is a premium supplier of travel products in South Africa. Brand Innovation supplies exciting corporate and promotional gifts in South Africa like dashcam recorders, mobile phone holder, inflatable neck holders, eye masks, luggage locks, luggage scales, travel adaptors, USB car chargers, boot organizers and so much more! Are you looking for corporate gifts for someone who likes to travel? Our travel gifts will be perfect as end-of-year corporate gifts!

Brand Innovation brands and delivers promotional and corporate gifts door to door, throughout South Africa.

Our gifts are ideal for clients that spend a large portion of their day on planes or in cars. Ensure you brand your travel gifts with a company logo to ensure your clients remember your business every time they use the product. Contact Brand Innovation today and order branded corporate travel gifts.


Looking for corporate gifts that are out of the box and innovative. At Brand Innovation, we want your clients to be wowed by your end-of-year gifts. Our range of corporate travel gifts are creative and innovative. A few of our innovative travel corporate gifts include:

Dashcam Recorder

A dashcam recorder is a must-have. More and more people are beginning to install a dashcam on their cars to ensure ease of mind on the roads. If you are in an accident, you can look back on the recorder and see exactly what happened. It will be able to tell you who were at fault and can provide evidence should you need it. A dashcam camera can save you thousands and thousands in insurance bills.

A dashcam camera can also be used to record wonderful memories, from nationwide road trips to game drives. This travel related gift is a unique travel gift because it can be used over and over again, and is bound to be the go-to technology gadget to capture your holiday moments. Get your branded dashcam recorders and wow your clients.

Mobile Phone Holder

We all need a mobile phone holder in our cars. This is the perfect accessory for the client that travels a lot. The mobile phone holder makes phone calling and texting a breeze. The mobile phone holder is easy to use and ensures a safer driving experience. Contact Brand Innovation today to order branded mobile phone holders

Inflatable neck Pillow

Do you have clients that spend a lot of their time on planes? The inflatable neck pillow is essential for clients that spend a lot of their time travelling. The inflatable pillow is comfy and allows you to enjoy a good night sleep on long distance plane rides.

The inflatable neck pillow can also be used on long car rides and will prevent one from getting a stiff neck. The inflatable pillow is great because it is easy to carry and you can attach it to your hand luggage or can be stored away for convenience.

Gone are the days of carrying a feather pillow around with you. The inflatable is just as comfy as you every day feather pillow, order branded inflatable neck pillows on our Promo Jozi web store.

Eye Mask

An eye is great as a corporate or promotional gift. There is ample branding space on the eye mask and is a great gift for travellers. The eye masks are useful travel gifts because they help you get a good night sleep. Travellers battle to sleep on long distance flights because the lights are permanently on- the eye mask will help block out any light that may be shining in your direction.

Your clients will love this as a corporate gift because they will be able to use it over and over again. It also makes a great promotional gift.

USB Car Charger

USB car chargers are top travel gifts. We cannot rely on the batteries of our electronic devices as they are continuously dying on us. The USB car charger is a product that most people need in their cars. It is an extremely useful product and your clients will love this as an end-of-year gift. It is an innovative product and is perfect for clients that spend commute a lot.

My father commutes weekly for work and is smartphone is continually connected to his USB car charger. He received the USB car charger from a colleague and appreciates the thoughtful gesture. It is important to give your clients something that they will use daily. Contact Brand Innovation on 0861 111 954 to order branded USB car chargers.

Emergency Car Kit

Brand Innovation’s emergency car kit makes a great corporate gift. It includes a tow rope, jumper cable, gloves, torch and reflective poncho. The emergency car kit makes sure that you are covered should your car battery die.

Most people rely on others for jumper cables. I have witnessed this happen too many times. It is never good things to rely on another person, so make sure you are prepared should something happen to your car. The emergency kit is a must-have when travelling at night.

Your clients will appreciate the thoughtful gift and will be thankful for the kind gesture. Order branded emergency kits through Brand Innovation

Luggage Lock

It is so important to use a lock to ensure your luggage is secure. We have heard so many stories of luggage disappearing. Ensure that no one ruffles through your luggage. Our luggage locks are easy to use and make a great corporate gift. The luggage locks comes in a variety of vibrant colours: aluminium, blush pink, dark blue, red, dark green, black, lime green and orange.  This is the perfect corporate gift for your international clients.

People always forget to pack a luggage lock when they decide to go travelling. Make sure your clients have a spare luggage lock when they are travelling. Our luggage locks can be branded with a company logo for optimum company visibility.


Your clients will use the luggage lock every time they travel, thus being reminded about your company every time they use the product.

Order branded luggage locks through Brand Innovation today.

Travel Adaptor

The travel adaptor is a must-have for international visitors in South Africa. The adaptor will ensure that you can plug in all your appliances. The travel adaptor is incredibly light-weight and can be stored in any bag. Order branded travel adaptors through the Promo Jozi web store.

Boot Organizer

The boot organizer is great for clients that like to ensure they are organized at all times. Brand Innovation supplies two different types of boot organizers: the tri boot organizer and the boot organizer. The tri boot organizer has three compartments, whereas the boot organizer only has two. Boot organizers ensure that your boot stays organized 24/7.

The boot organizers are ideal because they are compact and make it easy to store away your items. Your clients will love this as a corporate gift and will be able to use it every day. Order branded boot organizers for your clients today

My Trip Diary

A journal is great as a corporate gift for international visitors. The journal can be used as a day to day diary or to record memories. The My Trip Diary comes in black and is the perfect size to fit in any bag.

I love writing in a journal about my international travels. I journal allows you to record all the finer details about your trips. A journal is great because it allows you to read about your trips, long after the trip occurred.

A journal is a great corporate gift because one will always use a journal, whether it be for recording daily tasks or memories. 

Contact Brand Innovation to order branded my trip diaries

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